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Reason Why NOT selling

6 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Story Highlights

  • 1 - You are not ready to say goodbye

  • 2 - You let repairs slide

  • 3 - You did not hire a cleaning service

  • 4 - You have not started packing

  • 5 - You took bad photographs

  • 6 - You stayed for the showing

Your home has become like your partner in life and over the years you have poured your heart into it so that it can become a refuge for your family. When it comes time to sell, you hope that the hard work you put into maintaining the home will pay off and that offers will quickly stream in. This is not always the case and as a seller, you might be disappointed. There are many reasons why your house isn’t flying off the market and to avoid any missteps, be careful that you don’t make these 6 mistakes: 1 – You are not ready to say goodbye It’s difficult to leave a house behind that has helped you raise a family and that contains your memories inside its walls. If you are not ready to let your house go, then keep it off the listings for now. If you are too hasty to list it, you might just sabotage yourself! You might set the price too high, ignore recommendations from your agents or miss spots when you clean the house. These could all influence the way your buyer views your house. 2 – You let repairs slide One major reason why your house is not selling might be because you failed to do any repairs. You could lose a sale if the maintenance isn’t up to scratch and after your home is relisted, people are going to start wondering what is wrong with such a beautiful house. 3 – You did not hire a cleaning service On the note of clean ideas, your home might not be selling because you failed to hire a cleaner or clean the home yourself. Deep cleaning is a vital part of selling a home and if for whatever reasons you don’t have the right equipment, it would be a good idea to hire a professional! Get someone in to steam your carpets and get rid of those dirty spots that spoil the picture. Make sure that you remember to wash the windows so that they are streak-free. If you are not ready to hire someone, phone a friend to come and help you. 4 – You have not started packing Potential buyers might feel overwhelmed if they see furniture cluttering the house and all your clothes still peeling out from your closet. It is always a wise thing to begin planning before your move, even before you put your house on the market. Make a list of all the things that you won’t be using or needing in the next six months, pack it up and store it in a locker. That would be the smartest thing to spend money on during the moving process. Viewers will then have a clear and clean idea of what your house is worth. 5 – You took bad photographs Buyers of today want to shop with their eyes which is why you need to make sure that your photos are visually appealing online. You can’t take photos at an angle that doesn’t display the whole room or with a low-quality camera. It would be a good idea to hire someone who could take professional photos of your home. 6 – You stayed for the showing Even though this seems like the most natural thing to do, it can be a huge mistake in the long run. Potential buyers are going to want to take a look inside every nook and cranny, and heck, they are very likely to open your cabinets and closets (which is an entirely new discussion on its own). They want to be comfortable in asking questions, and ‘poking around’ and they want to form their own opinion based on their own likes and dislikes. Potential buyers might feel apprehensive to comment on the home with the current homeowner still lurking in the background.

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